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There's a story of a couple who had two kids. One kid was an optimist and the other a pessimist. They couldn't figure out what to do for the optimist, bu they knew that for the pessimist Santa Claus was going to bring him everything in the world.

This couple just couldn't figure what to do with their little optimist, because he just always thought everything was always going to work out without having to work at it very hard. Then one day they passed a cow pasture. They had an idea, so they picked up a token of exactly what you would expect to find in a cow pasture. They wrapped it up and decided to give it to him as his only present on Christmas morning.

On Christmas morning, the parents went in to find the pessimist sitting in the middle of the floor surrounded by toys and crying like a baby. He was saying, "He gave me a choo-choo train and I don't like trains. He gave me a book to read and I don't like to read. I don't like the color of this car either, it's all wrong." The pessimist continued to cry.

Meanwhile the little optimist was sprinting through the house, jumping up and down, looking in closets and shouting. "Hurray!" Well, that alarmed the mom, so she said, "Son, calm down. Tell me, did Santa Claus bring you anything?" He said, "Oh Yeah" "What did he bring you?" she asked. The optimist replied, "He brought me a Shetland Pony and if I can only find where he hid it!"

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