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Allow me to share some things with you. Was studying on the subject of repentance and made some interesting connections.

When Adam and Eve sinned by eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, God declared judgment upon humanity by pronoucing the 4 curses and banishing them from the garden of Eden. When humanity tried to cover themselves with fig leaves (Gen 3:7), God slayed 2 animals and covered them with animal skin - the first type of blood sacrifice. The interesting discovery was that the garments which God used to cover Adam and Eve was translated into Hebrew as "beged" (dgb). The hebrew word is derived from the verb which means to rebel! Similarly, "me'il" (lyem) is translated as coat which means to steal.

What is sin to God? It means rebellion and stealing from God. No wonder no amount of goats and lambs slained were enough to cover humanity's sin. Only the Blood of Jesus was able to take away the sin of the whole world! So every time when we sinned and the Holy Spirit convicted us, we have rebelled and stole from God. Does that make us come humbly before God and rely on His Blood more than ever?

Checking up the Hebrew lexicon, here's some more translation on the words discussed above.

Garment - "beged" dgb means to rebel, treachery and deceit
Coat - "me'il" lyem means to steal

In conclusion, man were created in innocence. When sinned came into our relationship with God, clothes came in to cover our shame and nakedness. In other words, clothes were used not for fashion or comfort. The original purpose was to cover and to shield us from our guilt and failures. The world says that "Clothes make man". But there's nothing like being clothed with Christ's rightoeusness by putting on Christ at baptism. In Jesus' awesome Name.

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